Numbers of corona infection increasing in Barishal

Till this report on Friday July 3, 2020 noon total
3,056 detected as corona positive, 1,046 cured after
getting treatment and sixty-six died of corona in six
districts of Barishal division.
Out of the 3,056 corona-positive patients 1,601 were
from Barishal, 437 from Patuakhali, 308 from
Bhola, 261 from Barguna, 233 from Jhalakathi and
216 from Pirojpur districts.
Among them 1,046 corona positive patients of the
division got release certificates after cured by getting
treatment in the division, said Dr. Basudev Kumar
Das, divisional health director.
Out of 3,056 corona positive detected patients, 48
from six districts of Barishal division were newly
infected by corona positive within last 24-hours.

Besides 65 in five districts of the division except
Bhola were cured from covid-19 infection after
treatment during this period, divisional health office
sources said.
Total sixty-six dead corona victims of the division
included twenty-four from Barishal district including
City Corporation, twenty-one from Patuakhali, eight
from Jhalakathi, five from Pirojpur, four from Bhola
and four from Barguna districts, divisional health
director added.
Divisional health directorate sources added that total
19, 616 persons sent to home quarantine and 2,779
to institutional quarantine in six districts of the
division including Barishal City Corporation since
March 10, 2020.
Among them 16,395 completing home quarantine
and 1,459 completing institutional quarantine
received release certificates, divisional health
directorate sources said.
Dr. Bakir Hossain, director Barishal Sher E Bangla
Medical College Hospital, informed total 1,396
patients were admitted at corona isolation units
(CIU) at this and other public hospitals of the

division and among them 872 released after getting
treatment from there.
Out of the admitted patients at CIU of SBMCH total
106 were died and among them 37 with corona
positive and other 69 with symptoms, he added. #